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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dear Obama supporters; also, Dear Clinton supporters

-- especially any of you who might be actually working on the campaign, or whose donation pockets are deeper than mine (please imagine a wallet with a moth flying out).

Glenn Greenwald has been documenting the yearning of some Congressional Democrats to pass a FISA bill giving telecoms amnesty for lawbreaking they did at the Administration's request -- amnesty that would, by an *amazing coincidence*, remove the evidence for this lawbreaking from public view. This battle is also being documented over at Daily Kos.

A lot of us feel that it's time for Senator Obama step up to the plate and *lead* on this issue. He's said that he's opposed to telcom amnesty -- encourage him make a serious speech about it. Encourage him to "encourage" other Congressional Dems to "encourage" Hoyer & the other Telecom Congresspeeps to reconsider. Make "Rule of Law" and "Respect for the Constitution" serious rallying points. Please, if any of you have any good offices to use, *use them*.

And to those of you who supported Senator Clinton's campaign: she has a great Leadership-with-a-capital-L opportunity here, as well. Encourage her to prove that she can be just as great a Majority Leader as she was a campaigner. The opportunity is here, begging to be used.

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  • Something of a vacuum on the leadership front, eh?

    By Blogger Nell, at 3:41 PM  

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