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Friday, March 12, 2010

Lawyers on TeeVee

At Obsidian Wings people have been talking about the attacks on lawyers who've done pro bono for accused terrorists. I wrote:

I suspect Marty's assumption that prosecutors are on the side of The Law and The Public, while defenders are on the side of The Miscreants, is widespread.

And I think fledermaus is correct to imply that TV is involved. When non-lawyers think about what lawyers do, TV lawyer shows are apt to be salient -- to be what first comes to mind.

Now, I don't watch lawyer shows, so I'm asking. Do the shows tend to be either "the defenders are the Good Guys" or "the prosecutors are the Good Guys"? Do they make it seem as though Defense and Prosecution are different kinds of people, with different goals?

jrudkis said:
When I worked at a public defenders office, there were two types of attorneys: the "social justice attorney" who were actually concerned about the accused, and conservative ones who were concerned about erosion of constitutional rights(and they sometimes overlapped). Both were very effective. What I did not see there were attorneys who were not passionate about one or the other.

Is this what you see on lawyer/cop TV? In some shows but not others? Opine, plz.

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