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Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Thunder Rolls

Garland Grey at TigerBeatDown posted about misogyny in music and music videos.
Twenty years ago another music video about intimate partner violence came out, Garth Brooks’ “The Thunder Rolls.” CMT and TNN both refused to play it.
I commented:

Not having heard of the Garth Brooks video, I went to YouTube. Whaddaya know, not there — though a bunch of other official Brooks videos are. You have to hit Teh Google and go to MySpace or similar to see the original Thunder Rolls vids.

Once you get past Attack of the 80s Hair, the most interesting thing about the video is that it shows an extra angle to the story. The cheatin’ man is killed because *the two women communicate*. They *both* want him dead.

But that desire isn’t enough. The man comes home, the wife accuses him, and he beats her. Then their daughter (age maybe 8) sees them, stares accusingly, and only *then* does the wife get the gun and kill him.

So it’s not just that the man is killed, he’s killed by a conspiracy of women to stop the cycle of abuse.

So tell me again why they pulled this video?

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