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Monday, June 20, 2011

The P Game

I am putting this post up here for reference, lest it trip spam/NSFW filters at Obsidian Wings. Contains accurate and frank descriptions of middle-school vocabulary, so may be NSFW depending on your workplace.

In a family dinnertime conversation about riding the schoolbus, the children (currently in high school and college) mentioned "The Penis Game". "Say what?" we said. And so they described it:

Kids A and B are sitting close to each other.

A (whispers): Penis!

B (slightly louder): Penis!

A (slightly louder yet): Penis!

B (another notch louder): Penis!

This witty entertainment continues, getting progressively louder, until the players either break down into helpless laughter (first one to break loses), or they're stopped by the bus driver or other authority figure.

The game is played by both boys and girls, and is a characteristically middle-school activity -- by the lofty age of 15 it's lost most of its charm. But before then, as Sprog #1 explained:

The boys on the bus go penis, penis, penis
Penis, penis, penis
Penis, penis, penis
The boys on the bus go penis, penis, penis
All through the town

-- sung in the most weary and disgusted tones you can imagine.

Parallels to media coverage of the Anthony Weiner scandal may occur to you.

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