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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

In which I blame the patriarchy

Pam at Pandagon talks about Joe Brumer's challenge to anti-gay advocates:
Part 1: Please explain to me what the world would look like if your mission was accomplished when it comes to gays. Paint me a picture of how the world would look if that which you are trying to achieve comes to “BE”. Show me what the end goal would look like when it is finally met.

Part 2: Considering lots of people don’t believe the same way you do, tell me if the actions, process and appraoch you are taking is really helping people. How is your ministry, blog, website or organization helping to reach that goal.

um, I thought the answer was pretty obvious.

Same-sex marriage really, truly is a serious threat to the traditional institution of marriage, because it is a form of marriage where the spouses are equals. Not only *are* they equals, they *look* like equals, they have equal (or substantially similar) genitalia.

The threat of homosexual rights, same-sex marriage, abortion, all the “culture wars” issues is the same: they undermine the patriarchy. And since they really do, of course the threat feels very real to the patriarchy’s supporters. It’s not paranoia when we really are out to get them.

The thing is, if you’re mentally inside the American patriarchy, that structure is woven into your deepest sense of who you are, and into your repressed and festering sexuality. Of course attacking the patriarchy makes such people feel personally attacked: if men don’t rank higher than women then nothing is reliable, their whole psyches might collapse like a sack of worms.

Seeing homosexuals acting like real people produces great anxiety (in the technical Freudian sense), because — there they are! Acting like sex is something other than a man dominating a woman! And being sexy! And stimulating! aieeee!

Mission accomplished, then, would be a world where their own sexual feelings are controlled, where nothing arouses them unexpectedly, where all sexuality is neat, restrained & predictable, and where women (and thus men) know their place.


  • Challenging the patriarchy is what it's all about. My great-grandmother scandalized her entire community by getting married in 1893 and refusing to promise to obey. On the other side of my mother's family, my 10th great-grandmother died in prison in Salem waiting to be tried for witch craft.

    Up with challengers. Down with the patriarchy.

    By Blogger Maya's Granny, at 11:20 PM  

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