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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Can this pattern be changed?

I just saw a print ad for Chuck and I finally snapped *ping*. I have *had* it with TV/movies pairing "regular guys" with superhot gals. (and yes, "Knocked Up", I'm looking at you. And "Beauty and the Geek".)

So I wonder -- is it possible to even imagine "regular gal" or even "smart but not good-looking or socially adept gal" with superhot guy, without the guy being a total douche? Is there any example of this besides Ugly Betty? Does it prove the rule?

Showrunners take note: "Ugly Betty" is both popular and critically acclaimed. Almost as though people *want* this sort of thing, even if you basically never give it to them.

eta: I have now been reminded that "Scarecrow and Mrs King" featured "regular gal" and "superhot guy", and it was *very* popular. "Remington Steele" was another possible example. That was a looong time ago, TV people.

Is this all part of the relentless quest for The Lost Demographic of Young Males? Or is it something in the zeitgeist?

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