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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

False witness

Fred at slacktivist is really hitting it out of the park with False Witnesses, about lie- and rumor-mongering by supposed Real True Christians. I wrote:

I can't really figure out how it *works*, that people so tolerant of false witness for "a good cause" (this is also a leitmotiv of one of the books I'm currently reading, The Devil in Dover: An Insider's Story of Dogma v. Darwin in Small-town America, by Lauri Lebo) can have so many serious discussions about whether it's OK to lie to save a life.

I mean, the point of such discussions in Sunday school, etc., is to get people used to the idea of consistent truth-telling as a highest goal, right? So why doesn't it take?

Do the discussions, sermons, etc., always involve dramatic and unlikely scenarios, instead of daily life? Or is it that Lying for Jesus is just too accepted for those in the culture to even notice it's happening?

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