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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Where are the McCain canvassers?

I've decided to take this relationship to the next level, as they say, and start canvassing this weekend. I'm in safe-blue NJ, but just across the river from PA, so the local Obama office is sending us to Bristol/Lower Bucks County to go door-to-door on Saturday.

I've never canvassed before, so I've been surfing around looking for "helpful hints" and "what to expect". And I stumbled across something weird.

If you plug canvass for obama into Google, you get 282,000 hits. If you use canvass for mccain, you get only 141,000 hits -- but scanning the first few pages, most of those are about canvassing *against* McCain, not for him.

If you put everything in quotes, "canvass for obama" gets 8180 hits -- and "canvass for mccain" gets only 7 (seven) hits. That's a boggling and almost literally unbelievable thousand-fold difference.

Where are the McCain canvassers? The GOP has got to have a ground game, but where is it? How are they organizing their people? Are they not going door-to-door at all, but just reaching people on the phone?

I can't figure out if the McCain campaign is totally clueless, or if they have some sort of ninja canvassing force that's invisible until it strikes. Does anyone know?

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